Quality Instruction and Performance in the Art of Belly Dance. 

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Brenda's Belly Dancing

October 17 · 2018

Brenda is an amazing instructor. She will always take the time to encourage her students and make sure they are comfortable. Her class is both fun and informative. I highly recommend her class. She works well with all levels of dancers.

Emily-Jean Quackenbush 

*Group Designations / Honors include: 

I Love Dance Competition “Judges Choice” & I Love Dance Competition 1st place in 40+ age category

Michigan Renfest Belly Dance Competition:

-2019: Competition Sponsor
–2017: 2nd Place Amateur Solo, 2nd Place Professional Solo (The Assistant Director), 4th Place Ensemble/Group.
–2016: 1st Place Ensemble/Group, 1st Place Amateur Solo, 1st Place Professional Solo, and 3rd Place Amateur Solo
–2015: 2nd Place Group/Ensemble, 2nd Place Student Solo, 3rd Place Student Solo. 
–2014: 1st Place Ensemble/Group, 1st Place Student Solo, 2nd Place Professional Solo.