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 ***Participation in all sports and physical education activities involves certain inherent risks. Brenda’s Belly Dancing, its officers, agents and employees are not responsible for the inherent risks associated with participation in physical education/dance classes. By participating, you agree that you are aware of and are personally responsible for those risks. No refunds for missed classes***

Quality Instruction - Dance and Fitness Lessons
Learn from award-winning performers with years of specialized experience. 

Wear comfortable workout type clothing- Please NO jeans. For Belly/Fusion, barefoot, socks or dance 
shoes / ballet shoes are appropriate. No street shoes on studio floors. No refunds for missed classes. Your registration fees pay for the space and instruction for the days and times you signed up for, we can't really get a refund from them so don't expect one from us. Bring your friends and have fun! 

See class descriptions below.

Pilates Mat Fitness 101 - This class is for those who have little to no experience with Pilates or would like to re-start a Pilates regimen. It will include a warm-up, beginner Pilates steps requiring the use of an exercise mat, and stretching/cool down. This class will utilize the concept of quality over quantity. We start out with 5 reps of each exercise and work up to 10 reps of each over the course of the session to build stamina. Some of the ending stretches are similar to yoga, so you may recognize some of them! 

Artistic Self Expression - Use the arts to find and develop expression. Explore the creation of self and how to express self among others. Great way to gain confidence and understanding of the language of expression. 

World Dance/Aerobic Belly Dance- A fusion class utilizing dance technique and body positioning from many world cultures. This aerobic based class offers a full range of motion and gentle, fun workout targeting the body for toning. A fun workout for all while forming an interpretive choreography. 

Gothic Fusion Belly Dance- a dance art composed from the influences of Middle Eastern dance, tribal fusion, and Goth subculture. Originating in the United States in the 1990s, it has spread to be practiced by amateur and professional dancers around the world, and it is growing with the spread of tribal belly dance formats.

Beginner Belly- Beginner class will include Egyptian-American or “Cabaret” style technique, traveling across the floor, combos or choreography, freestyle to practice your moves, and cool-down/stretching. It helps to be familiar with belly dance moves for this class or
have had some form of dance classes before, if not, please start out with our Belly Technique 101 if available. Many times our 101 class is integrated with the Beginner class. Performing opportunities.

Advanced Beginner Belly- Must have dance experience for this class.Advanced Beginner class will include a warm-up session with Egyptian-American or “Cabaret” style technique, traveling across the floor, more advanced/extended choreography or freestyle to practice your new moves, and cool-down/stretching. Public performance options within this class. There are certain costuming requirements for those wanting to perform.

Rising Stars- Intermediate/Advanced Class is by invitation only.
This class is intended for those who want to learn extended choreography, hone skills in freestyling
further, and start layering 2-3 movements together. This is a faster paced class, which will include a variety of technique. Performances are expected within this class as a Rising Star, or understudy of the performance troupe, Sabba Zimora. There are certain costuming requirements for those performing.

Hip Hop Belly Dance Fusion- Taught by Holly Baker (Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hip Hop Fusion Instructor) This class is structured to be a fun time. If you want to feel great while exercising and listening tohip hop music in a group this is for you! The class will have stretching, instruction, and a practice period while learning a choreographed routine. It is low impact cardio -YOU WILL SWEAT. Dress comfortably and have a water bottle handy. We will be working barefoot or in socks (no shoes needed). 

Belly Dance Technique 101- This class is for those who have never taken belly dance or would like to brush up on technique. It will be a relaxed pace class that allows more time for technique and background discussion. The class is designed as an introduction to belly dance that covers some general topics and cabaret style belly dance movement. Great forfirst time dancers or those who prefer not to perform. 

Belly Dance Technique 201- This class is for those who have taken belly dance classes or the Intro/Technique 101 Class. It will be a relaxed pace class that allows more time for technique and background discussion. The class is designed as a continuation of the basics, adding layers and intermediate level moves into the program. Great for continuing dancers or those who want to learn more but prefer not to perform.