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Belly Dance

Stretching, dance instruction, and a practice period while learning a choreographed routine. May use alternative styles of music with various styles of dance. Refer to class name for indication.

Egyptian-American or “Cabaret” style technique, traveling across the floor, combos or choreography, freestyle to practice your moves, and cool-down/stretching

Marhaban!Welcome to Brenda's Belly Dancing: home of Troupe Sabba Zimora, performers and students of the Arabic dance style Westerners refer to as belly dance (also known as raqssharki, danseorientale, Middle Eastern dance.) Sabba Zimora is a ombinationc of Arabic and Hebrew meaning "eastern wind song of praise," appropriate for a group who studies Middle Eastern movement, raises each other's spirits and promotes healthy living and a positive attitude toward one's self.

 Our dancers form friendships that last a lifetime. Troupe Sabba Zimora had been around since 2002, with   several former students now teaching their own classes! 

Lifestyle & Arts

Brenda's Belly Dancing


Fusion Dance

Use the arts to find and develop expression. Explore the creation of self and how to express self among others. Classes vary, refer to class name for topic indication.

Warm-up, Pilates steps requiring the use of an exercise mat, and stretching/cool down. This class will utilize the concept of quality over quantity.